Unleash your data center with HyperSwitch™

Your data center is only as fast as your switches.

Welcome to a new era in networking.

SoftIron’s HyperSwitch™ is the fastest, next-generation top-of-rack switch available, optimized and purpose-built to support hyperscale data centers.

HyperSwitch is:

  • The fastest, next-generation top-of-rack switch available.
  • Optimized and purpose-built for the enterprise data center.
  • Simplified and containerized for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
  • Scale-out ready for the ultimate low risk, future-proofed data center.
  • Best in class, unified fleet management for ease of use.
  • We believe it takes more than generic hardware to get outstanding performance and our appliances are what we call ‘task-specific’.
  • Your data center is only as good as your switches.

Enquire today about how HyperSwitch can boost performance in your data center.

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